Gov. Polis and AG Weiser statement on lawsuit against Trump administration’s emergency declaration

DENVER — Monday, Feb. 18, 2019 — Statement from Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser regarding the multistate lawsuit challenging President Trump’s emergency declaration:

“Colorado will join at least 10 other states in a multistate lawsuit challenging President Trump’s unconstitutional emergency declaration to build a border wall. After reviewing the specifics of this action over the weekend, we concluded that Colorado could lose tens of millions in military construction dollars that would be diverted to build the wall. Our military bases play a critical role in our nation’s readiness and are economic drivers in several communities.

In this action, we are fighting for Colorado’s interests and defending the rule of law.”

Gov. Polis statement on President’s state of emergency declaration

DENVER — Friday, Feb. 15, 2019 — Gov. Jared Polis today issued the following statement in regard to President Trump’s decision to bypass lawmakers and build a wall:

“President Donald Trump’s plan to circumvent Congress and declare a state of emergency for his personal vanity project is an astonishing abuse of power. This is not only a waste of taxpayer dollars but a distraction from the many real issues that affect hardworking Coloradans.

While the president tries to separate us— Coloradans, and my administration, will continue to unite by building a Colorado for all.”