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2019 'A' Orders 
'A' orders are used for appointments and nominations to boards, commissions, judgeships and other positions. Copies of these orders are available upon request from our Boards and Commissions office. For more information on specific Boards and Commissions, please see the Boards and Commissions Directory.

2019 'B' Orders 

Signed Version Date Title
B 2019-001  1/3/2019 Creating the Women's Vote Centennial Commission
B 2019-002 1/17/2019 Supporting a Transition to Zero Emission Vehicles
B 2019-003 1/23/2019 Creating the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care
B 2019-004 1/31/2019 Amending Executive Order B 2015-005 Regarding the Office of the State Innovation Model and State Innovation Model Advisory Board

2019 'D' Orders 

Signed Version Date Title
D 2019-001 3/18/2019 Amending Executive Orders D 2013 026 and D 2018 007 to Provide Funding for Ongoing Emergency Response, Recovery, and Mitigation Efforts Connected with the 2013 Flooding and the Spring Creek Fire
D 2019-002 3/18/2019 Declaring a Disater Emergency Due to a Water Supply Emergency in Delta County
D 2019-003 4/3/2019 Declaring a Disaster Emergency Due to Severe Winter Weather and Blizzard Conditions in Hinsdale, Elbert, Douglas, and El Paso Counties, and Authorizing Deployment of the Colorado National Guard

Executive Orders from previous administrations are available at the following links. Please note that these Executive Orders may have been rescinded, amended, or superseded by statute.

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