DENVER — Thursday, April 4, 2019 — Gov. Jared Polis signed the following bills into law today.






Protect Water Quality Adverse Mining Impacts

Reps. Roberts & McLachlan/ Sen. Donovan

Concerning the protection of water quality from adverse impacts caused by mineral mining


Agriculture Commissioner Farm Produce Safety

Reps. Catlin & Valdez/ Sens. Danielson & Cooke

Concerning the implementation under state law by the commissioner of agriculture of federal produce safety standards for farms


Correcting The Definition Of Police Working Horse

Rep. Geitner/ Sens. Gardner & Lee

Concerning the clarification of the definition of a police working horse for the purpose of cruelty to animals


Additions to Definitions Of Sexual Contacts

Reps. Michaelson-Jenet & Carver/ Sens. Lundeen & Foote

Concerning adding certain conduct to the definition of sexual contact


Nurse Practitioner Workers' Compensation

Reps. Mullica & Saine/ Sen. Winter

Concerning the ability of advanced practice nurses with prescriptive authority to obtain level I accreditation under the "Workers' Compensation Act of Colorado"


Five-year Review Of Higher Education Funding Formula

Sens. Todd & Holbert/ Reps. Hansen & McKean

Concerning the review of the funding formula for institutions of higher education


Reclaimed Domestic Wastewater Point Of Compliance

Rep. Arndt/ Sens.  Bridges & Coram

Concerning the point of compliance related to the treatment process involved in treating reclaimed domestic wastewater for indoor non potable uses within a building where the general public can access plumbing fixtures that are used to deliver the reclaimed domestic wastewater